Sunday, October 9, 2011

1 for all and all for 1 :D

haluuuuu gojes....

lama tak update movie... hehe... ada gak tgk few movies before this tapi tak dan nak update, for short recap...:
*horrible bosses (ok la, not bad but very 18sx... hahahaha)
*smurf (seriously smurfing.. bwk all my nieces and nephew including si kenit eusoff... smurf is fun to enjoy, cartoon kan... tapi byk morale such as, you need to believe and have faith in urself... teamwork.. dun judge a book by it's cover as walaupun smurf tu kecik... tapi we still can rely on them...)

as for this week we watch 'three musketeers' for the first time kat new gsc 1 utama (new kerrrr.. hehehe, we all baru tahu gsc dah pindah, hahahaa... sian kann... very laaaa, the outdated one! lama tak g you....)

this movie basically entertaining, action, romance and ada humor... as usually, for me klu org putih buat film, the scenery sgt la tebabo! mmg cantik la kan.... rasa kita mmg kat zaman tu la.... the custome, everything... totally interesting and tak boring... in fact the film is something which u cant expect what will happen next... so kita akan sgt pay attention coz tak nak miss apa2....

three musketeers: athos, porthos and aramis, as we all known serve for the king of france, king louise, however something when wrong when one lady name 'Milady' betray one of the musketeer and buat deal ngan duke of buckingham, end up, the musketeers are not more relevant... one day, a son of ex musketeer the young D'Artagnan came to paris with a hope to become a musketeer.... he manage to joint the musketeers.... hahaha, this scene is very entertaining where he and the musketeers involved in a fight of 4 against 40!

then the king's important person 'cardinal richelieu' cam bendahara la konon... ada bad intention to betray the young king and ruled france... perasan kannnn... pastu berpakat ngan si double agent 'Milady' tadi dlm misi menjatuhkan king! seriously, that lady is very skillful dlm bab2 menipu nih, and she knows how to fight too...

yang si king tu pulak is very busy with the latest fashion and color.... paris kan, world of fashion kan kata.... hahaha, and not really interested to rule the kingdom and totally rely kat cardinal... so all the musketeers including young and hot D'Artagnan, hehehe... must unite and defeat the double agent 'Milady' and french deserter 'cardinal richelieu' from seizing the french throne and engulfing Europe in war....

so, what happen next? did they manage to do it? what happen to 'Milady'? did king knows that 'cardinal richelieu' tu jahat? will 'cardinal richelieu' berjaya jadi next king...? and will the four musketeers succed?


jangan lupa tengok ye...

then you'll be suprise.... :)

p/s: dlm cite ni ada new invention tau... a flying ship! hahaha... so excited cara musketeers handles it, duke of buckingham punya... hehehe

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