Friday, August 31, 2012

new tops anyone....?

hurmmmm... thinking of getting new tops? let's see what's new at

cecantik jer semuanye.... ;)

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

drooling for arm candy... ;)

last thursday before raya.. sempat g shopping at The Gardens..

sangat happy okay... hehehe..
mr dar kata... pressie for raya.. kang takde plak bag raya! hehehe..

tried few bags.. tapi mmg dah nekad nak speedy size 30.. and i choose damier instead of monogram and azur.. :D

last year my bag raya Sabrina by Coach and another one Madison by Coach.. tamak okay.. hahaha.. tapi this year satu jer.. jadi laaaa... alhamdulilah... ;)

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

salam aidilfitri

✨salam aidilfitri, maafkan atas segala kekhilafan.. moga lebaran kali ini lebih bermakna dan membahagiakan... ✨

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

speedy oh speedy :)

yeayyyyyy.... finally got my arm candy for raya.... big smile :D

hugs and kisses to my lovely hubby... syg.. tima kasih ye coz head to toe for raya... i love u eternally ❤❤❤

It's speedy 30 bought at LV The Gardens.. yeayyyyyyy... ;)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

kasi wangi sikit.. by gucci ;p

yeayyyyy... parfume for raya...
okay bleh pengsan ye klu semuanya serba baru time raya... LOL... over okay...!

tapi, whatever... kebetulan je pon.. ala2 beli consider for raya la kannn.. since mr dar punya parfume dah abis, i joint skali laaaa... hehehe..

plus mr dar kata, it's considered as our anniversary gift.. actually last 31st July was our love anniversary which we have been together for 19 years!!! okay pengsan jap... ;)

❤❤❤❤alhamdulilah.. we're strong together and still in love.. in fact we're always fall in love with each other ❤❤❤❤

so for this time, mr dar still with gucci intense, while i'm choosing gucci floral instead... ye la, my gucci guilty still ada lagi.. the best part is free gift... ;)

anyway.. terima ye suami... ;)

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Monday, August 13, 2012

fitflop for raya ;)

teringin nak sandals baru tapi tak tahu apa yg lawa... hurmmmm..

balik dari seremban sempat je weolls g parkson klcc nak mencari new sandal for me.. masa tu dah pukul 9pm, tapi since parkson close kul 10.30.. sempat je kannn... hehee.. my crocs sandal tu dah buruk sangat... mana taknye.. almost 3 years kene lenjan kannn... melampau!! dah hilang seri dah... hahaha

and bila smpi, suka plak tgk fitfflop for guy.. hurmmmm.. apa lagi.. rembatss terus coz boleh la ala2 sedondon selipar kannn... hahaha... selipar pon nak sedondon!! fainttt... ;p

and yg bestnye.. as usual, parkson kan suka bagi voucher.. which for evey RM150 spend in one receipt, entitled to get RM10 voucher... bestkan... sambung la shopping.. beli my personal item plak... kata nak raya.. semua kene tukar laaaa... :)

and still ada balance... hurmmmm.. kene shopping lagi nih... heheee

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

sayang.. it's ur birthday ❤❤❤

"to the guy that i adore and love most...
dar, i love u eternally.... may always in ALLAH's blessing... wishing you all the best in whatever that u've signed up for... all my love that's in my heart is yours and yours alone... ❤❤❤"

last 30th July was mr dar's birthday.... smile...... ;)
hence it was a fasting month so i decided to award him a break fast one day early which is on sunday kat hotel marriot putrajaya... been there few times and the food was marvellous.... yummy.... but never been there for buka puasa... since i'm so excited i'd booked before puasa ko.... hahahha... ye la to avoid the crowd sebab my sister told me mmg ramai giler org... and i mmg request to be seated kat dlm Zest cafe tu... takmo ddk luar... plus nak near to buffet line... senang kannnn.... and alhamdulilah... i managed to get seat yg buat mr dar happy.... anything for you dear...

*i punya dar ni mmg cerewet on everything and most of the time required my effort... ayooooo.. but i still love him... *

food choice mmg la byk giler... and if kat dlm Zest Cafe nih... the ambiance mmg laaa mendatangkan selera lagi nak makan.... hehehehe
food wise... sebut jer... from international to local cuisine... pasta, salmon, grill lamb, beef, gulai kawah... mamak pon ada... semua lah... mmg best sangat and highly recommended...
dessert tok sah ckp... abc, cakes, kuih-muih.. tapi if bulan biasa... dessert counter lagi best laaa kannnn... and my hubby kata lepas buka diaorg buat kenduri buah...

but the best part is.............. ada suprise for birthday boy! hahahaha... and he's so overwhelmed!!!! hahaha... speechless okay bila tetiba the life musician came and sang a birthday song for him... plus a slice of birthday cake yeaaaaa..

i love you dar ❤❤❤ muahhhssss....

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

stock clearance!!

timberland is currently having it's stock clearance sale.... so jom kita serbu!!!!

weollss dah g dah.. and what we can say, it's worth! especially to those who're looking for jeans.. mens la kan especially...

which mr dar bengang coz jeans yang dia beli at full price tgh on sale... hehehe... sian dar.. tapi at least dar dah pakai lama kannn... hehehe...

shoes pon banyak but as usual size is very limited..

we had spent about more than 2 hours there.. ye laaa... just imagine.. baju berlonggok2, hello nama pon stock clearance kannnn... tu belum lagi tiba bab fitting kannn.. beratur pulekkk.. ;p

find ur size on ur own please... hehehe

but for shoes, they will help you to find the size.. dun worry.. if not tak dpt nak dibayangkan laaa...

we manage to grab 2 pants for mr dar (buat stock katanya.. lol), 2 tshirt for me.. nice mmg timberland woman which i already have 2 before.. and 1 tshirt for mr dar.. ada la tshirt utk weollss belasah daily kannn ;)))

so apa tunggu la... go and check it out while stock last and oh ye, the sale ends 6 august :)

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

redeem birthday voucher.. :)

haluuuuu... kita cite shopping with coupon ekkkk...

as an aeon member.. we're entitled to received a book of 'gift coupon' as a birthday present... ehemm... actually it's mr dar's birthday, and dia yg i sign up for member... kenapa? sbb my name dah kene block coz dodulu lama tak renew!! hahahaaha..

hehehe... as usual, tapi iollss plak yg dpt benefit uollllsss... biasa la tu kannn... nyibuk... hihihi..

ada about more than 20 coupons kot kat dlm booklet tu among others yang best are from kenny rogers, baskin robbins, tgv, genting theme park and skII... i loikeee..

so apa lagi kannnn... me'redeem laaaa..

normally if with more than RM650.00 purchase baru la dpt free gift.. but when you present this voucher u're entitled to get free an additional mask with an SKII basic essence set worth RM667.00 for only RM489.00 or in other words we only pay for the price 215ml essense... save lerrrr sikit.... huhuhuhu

opppssss... cite pasal birthday, nanti kita story the mory kat mana weolls celebrate birthday the one and only mr dar di bulan2 puasa ni ekkkk.... hehehe... excited sangat... winkk... winnkkk... ;)

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