Wednesday, August 1, 2012

redeem birthday voucher.. :)

haluuuuu... kita cite shopping with coupon ekkkk...

as an aeon member.. we're entitled to received a book of 'gift coupon' as a birthday present... ehemm... actually it's mr dar's birthday, and dia yg i sign up for member... kenapa? sbb my name dah kene block coz dodulu lama tak renew!! hahahaaha..

hehehe... as usual, tapi iollss plak yg dpt benefit uollllsss... biasa la tu kannn... nyibuk... hihihi..

ada about more than 20 coupons kot kat dlm booklet tu among others yang best are from kenny rogers, baskin robbins, tgv, genting theme park and skII... i loikeee..

so apa lagi kannnn... me'redeem laaaa..

normally if with more than RM650.00 purchase baru la dpt free gift.. but when you present this voucher u're entitled to get free an additional mask with an SKII basic essence set worth RM667.00 for only RM489.00 or in other words we only pay for the price 215ml essense... save lerrrr sikit.... huhuhuhu

opppssss... cite pasal birthday, nanti kita story the mory kat mana weolls celebrate birthday the one and only mr dar di bulan2 puasa ni ekkkk.... hehehe... excited sangat... winkk... winnkkk... ;)

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