Saturday, August 4, 2012

stock clearance!!

timberland is currently having it's stock clearance sale.... so jom kita serbu!!!!

weollss dah g dah.. and what we can say, it's worth! especially to those who're looking for jeans.. mens la kan especially...

which mr dar bengang coz jeans yang dia beli at full price tgh on sale... hehehe... sian dar.. tapi at least dar dah pakai lama kannn... hehehe...

shoes pon banyak but as usual size is very limited..

we had spent about more than 2 hours there.. ye laaa... just imagine.. baju berlonggok2, hello nama pon stock clearance kannnn... tu belum lagi tiba bab fitting kannn.. beratur pulekkk.. ;p

find ur size on ur own please... hehehe

but for shoes, they will help you to find the size.. dun worry.. if not tak dpt nak dibayangkan laaa...

we manage to grab 2 pants for mr dar (buat stock katanya.. lol), 2 tshirt for me.. nice mmg timberland woman which i already have 2 before.. and 1 tshirt for mr dar.. ada la tshirt utk weollss belasah daily kannn ;)))

so apa tunggu la... go and check it out while stock last and oh ye, the sale ends 6 august :)

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