Tuesday, January 17, 2012

working cum relaxing at kuantan..

last weekend my hubby was on duty kat kuantan... so as usual la kan isteri yg suka mengekori ni ikut skali la... hehehe..

mr dar tgh briefing staff.. serious jer..

ada even kat SASICC Kuantan, so we stayed at Zenith Hotel, kuantan... the best part is the hotel facing east coast mall.. so apa lagi.. lepak time.. nak habiskan my novel 'Gemersik Kalbu' ala2 feeling la kannn...

hotel room and food wise mmg ok.. and to those yg searching hotel in kuantan, zenith is highly recommended.. nak looking for food and stuff pon senang, coz mall is just cross the street..

then malam tu, my hubby g tgk kwn2 dia yg ambil kesempatan g memancing.. hehehe.. new experience for me.. ye la tak pernah memancing pon..

that's my hubby.. tapi yg si isterinye..

baik duduk baca novel.. lagi best.. sangat la tak adventure! hahaha...

the next day before heading back..

sempat shopping quilt cover and bed sheet @ aussino..

daaa... see ya ;)

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