Monday, February 6, 2012

ber'LONGCHAMP la pulek...;)

i'm starting suke ngan longchamp ni especially le'pliage when my bro in law bought one for me from paris...

before this cam rasa terlalu banyak imitation and 
that's why not really bother about the brand and design..

tapi now rasa cam suka pulak... 
and whatever... 
yg penting kita beli authentic ok... ;)

though the design simple but yet still into fashion what... and if nak pegi mana2, you just grab ur LC, sure be nice...


ni la jadi nya @ LC boutique Pavi

~my choice is medium short handle~

the best part is for every season LC will come with special color that differ from previous season... like mine and my sis LC yg from paris tu.. the color differ from yg ada kat butik skrg.. but still they will come out with classic color... and of course i'm going for...

classic color;) 
boring kan... tapi classic is the best!

for info in kl, LC can be found in pavillion and the gardens.. ;)

with my supportive hubby yg layannnn je bini dia nih! hehehe... ;)

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