Monday, July 16, 2012

akibatnya bila sale lama sangat... hehehehe ;p

tu la masalahnya if timberland ni buat sale for quite long period... hehehee

mr dar mmg terlalu obses ngan timberland... tak kira la even if takde sale, klu ada yg minat sure beli... and if ada sale, lagi laaaaaa.....

to those yg minat timberland... sale is the perfect time to shop coz sometime, the offer is so unexpected.. just imagine, the pants which mr dar beli as above pic, actual price is RM399.00, since sale the price drop almost 50% to RM200.00..

tapi what make me suprise... masa punch price jadi RM139.00 jer!!!!
ngehhhhhh..... best kannn.... for a timberland's pants... it's worth .... ;)

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