Wednesday, September 5, 2012

my LUCRIN experience.. :(

lama tak update my latest condition... as you can see (base on my posted pictures) i'm looking happy and yes i'm HAPPY... apa lagi nak buat kannn... takkan asyik nak meraung kot! hahahaha...

actually, i'm a positive person, and i'm lucky coz my other half is a positive person too... alhamdulilah... so, selagi ada ALLAH, apa saja yang merintangi... be positive... YES..

last monday i went to KPJ Kajang for my 2nd and final lucrin, what is lucrin you read below caption by Dr. Nikola... and for further.. please google.. sorry, coz if i am a doctor than mayb i can explain... sekarang ni nak paham bahasa medical ni pon problem.. pening mak! hehehe..

tapi tetap nak share my experience... dalam bahasa biasa.. lucrin is actually an injectable drug given for treatment of some illness including endrometriosis.. i pernah tanya doctor why should i take this injection, doctor kata, period can cause cyst, so those who took lucrin, period akan stop for at least 3 months and next 5 months on 2nd injection... tujuan nak stop period is to make sure the cyst clear and can put high effort to conceive... (dalam hati kata... hurmmmm, boleh ker? tapi POSITIVE... insyaALLAH)... and yes, i tak period for last 3 months, last time period is masa a week after operation sbb lucrin tak akan immediately effect cycle masa tu, so just imagine la kannn... after operate, period pulak... period pain still ada... so it's very PAINFUL!! thank you very much... huhuhuu... tapi the best thing is i  puasa penuh you this year... ;)  secara total i tak period for 8 MONTHS!!! ayoooooo.... lama kannnn... so confirm2, tak mengandung la... tapi cam orang preggy gak kannn.. hehehe... okay, experience tak period 8 bulan + operation and berpantang... hurmmmm... tu dah rasa... baby je takde lagi.... 

however, despite it's effectiveness, lucrin is not for everyone as it presents several risks for side effects and complications... and it's expensive too... one injection will cost you RM1k++ huh! dah la sakit... mahal plak tu! complication to some person might be differ to others.. tapi normally complication sama macam menopause.. yang paling obvious and common side effect is hot flashes... imagine, bila uolls tgh dlm keadaan biasa jer, even with air-conditioned.. tetiba akan rasa panassssss.... boleh berpeluh-peluh tau... in ur car for instance, if sebelum ni selalu marah klu my hubby bukak air-cond kuat2, but now.. myself pulak yang ,masuk jer kete... air-cond kene make sure, paling sejuk! hehehe.... 

tapi doctor ada cerita, yg some of her patient ada yang effect dari segi emosi and attitude... like if sebelum ni garang, after lucrin, tak garang dah... hehehe... kelakar kannn... tapi for me, tak obvious sangat laa... cuma sometime, terlampau manja and sometime dingin sikit... tapi my hubby layan jer... hehehe...

other side effects to those who take lucrin might be experience dizziness, pain throughout the body, headache, nausea and vomiting. Nervous system effects like anxiety, tingling in the extremities, forgetfulness, sour taste and insomnia as well as fever and fatigue are also possible while taking lucrin.

hurrmmmmm.... pendek kata, it's really change my life.. tapi whatever it is.. life must goes on... always positive and as a muslim, kita kena percaya pada Qada dan Qadar... semuanya ALLAH dah tentukan.. teruskan berusaha dan berdoa... :)

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"Lucrin depot is a GnRH-analog that, if given continuously, suppresses production of FSH and LH and then indirectly suppresses estrogen and progesterone production from the ovaries. 

Lucrin shuts down the axis hypothalamus-pituitary-ovaries and prevents further ovulations and periods. Now you experience irregular uterine bleeding (metrorrhagia) because the level of estrogen hormones increases shortly and then decreases completely. This is a temporary condition that can last until estrogens reach zero level and endometrial growth becomes completely suppressed. 

This procedure is used for treating endometriosis. You might have endometriosis of the removed ovary because a chocolate cyst is caused by ovarian endometriosis. 

This procedure with Lucrin is also used to prepare the woman for “in vitro”-fertilization. A woman’s own production of FSH and LH should be stopped before starting stimulation with synthetic FSH and LH from outside". read more: 


  1. MZ, mmg mencabar lucrin nih... One good thing about it though, i can blame everything on lucrin.... Hahaaha...n x naik jerawat as well :-) other than that, harapnya x kena ambik lg dh la.... Siksa wooo... X per, kafarah dosa ni :-)

    1. kannnn.... insyaALLAH.. ohh, padan la jerawat segan jer nak keluar.. hihii... i tot, becoz of the effectiveness of my skin care... hahahaha. LOL!! tapi tu la kan... hopefully, dah tak kene dah... seksa wooooo...