Saturday, October 6, 2012

my very 1st CHANEL ;p

pheeewwwiiittttt ;D

hahhahaaaaaa... statement yg sgt menggegar jiwa okay!

but it was true ye... tak caya...


sila jangan jeles... hahahah.. this is my impulse buy, pas beli cam nyesal.. coz bila masa aku nak make up beria nih! ayoooooo...

but this travelling make up set is worth for every penny.. seriously..
it offers a 5 basic colors for eye shadow, 2 lipstics and 2 lip gloss..blusher, powder and concealer.. but for blusher, color very basic.. but still you can match with others make up kannn... and plus a mascara..

being told by the SA, set ni cam limited edition la.. and i bought kat klia, masa arrival from penang.. and i am happy coz at least i own a CHANEL!!!

hahahahaa... walaupun.. make up jerrrrrrr ;p

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